Over the last twelve months we have been blessed with a group of wonderful volunteers, without whom we would be unable to deliver the quality and range of services that we do. We have established a diverse range of volunteers, many have been volunteering for several years, and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come. Individuals join us at Hope for a range of different reasons, we aim to help them develop and grow alongside the members of staff and the services we offer. Having such a strong core of regular and reliable volunteers gives us a wonderful foundation for growth.

Our existing volunteers are leading the way and showing new volunteers the ropes without any support required, and this in itself is an example of us nurturing future success. Our continued success is reflected in the standard of services delivered in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) sessions, and the demand in our growing waiting list. In addition to these services – many of the female students also attend our well established Petals group, which we are fortunate to have qualified volunteers to provide crèche facilities.

The success of the Meerkat group and Petals group, which are run entirely by our reliable volunteers, demonstrate the desire to extend this working model for the future – enabling further growth. Our volunteers who support the elderly continue to grow, as do the services they offer.

Whilst volunteers come to us with a specific area of interest to work, over time many extend the range of work they do, combining cleaning duties with helping at events, working within after-school groups, play scheme and fun days. To move forward we aim to expand upon our list of volunteers, and to create specific job roles for those that require these to gain work experience and future employment.

Margaret Vaughan

Volunteer co-ordinator